Vehicle: EF Fairmont

Year: 1995


  • Stock EF 250,000km bottom end
  • DIY ported ’92DT’ tickford head
  • 25thou shave, Permaseal MLS-R headgasket (approx. 10:1 CR)
  • Crower 110lb springs + Crower chromoly retainers
  • Auckland Cams #840 profile/grind camshaft
  • 3″ intake piping, DIY airbox, 6″ Blox pod filter
  • Modified throttlebody
  • AU injectors
  • Coby extractors, no cat
  • Rage 2.5″ mandrel bent exhaust
  • Shiftkitted auto
  • T.I. Performance DIY tuned J3 chip

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: AC#840 – .508 lift, 216/217 dur @ 50thou

Power: 152rwkw

Comments: Started with a base tuned J3 from T.I. Performance and then fine tuned myself to get it to idle and drive smoother. Runs pretty well with a heap more power above 3000rpm, just need a high stall and shorter diff gears to make better use of it. Massive thanks to Jason @ T.I. Performance for the help and awesome products!