Supercharged EB Fairmont Inline 6 Cylinder 4.0L Engine Bay

Vehicle: EB2 Fairmont

Year: 1993


  • Stock bottom end
  • Minor head porting
  • Pacemaker PH4480s
  • 2.5″ Lukey Exhaust
  • 2.5″ High Flow Cat
  • K&N Air Filter
  • JMM 3000 High Stall
  • 3.45:1 LSD
  • King Spring Super Lows, Gabriel short throw shocks
  • 18″ AJR Signatures
  • Full ED Fairmont Ghia Leather Interior
  • Powerdyne BD-11a Supercharger @ 6psi
  • Walbro GSS342 Fuel Pump
  • Stage 3 J3 Chip

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Wade 977b

Power: TBA

Comments: This car is the 2nd T.I. Performance Test Mule! It started off with a mild N/A combo – a Wade 1636 cam and exhaust. This ran great for a few years until Simon wanted more power, so the cam was upgraded along with some minor port tickling and an AU MLS gasket.

The next stage was to fit a Supercharger. A Powerdyne BD-11a was sourced, and a full Performance rebuild kit put through it by T.I. Performance, including ceramic bearings, kevlar belt, and CNC impeller. The bracket was re-powder coated and new pulleys fitted. Before it could be mounted, the EB engine needed to be converted to EL front dress, so a BBM and full serpentine drive system were fitted. Finally, the blower was bolted up and the car had boost!

The car has been road tuned by Jason at T.I. Performance using the TechEdge Wideband logger and our Chip and Programmer package. We expect it would be making power in the 190-210rwkw range, as it gives our EF a run for its money!