NL Turbo Burnout Car

Vehicle: NF Fairlane

Year: 1998


  • Slide T70 turbo
  • 3” dump
  • 44mm wastegate
  • Walbro GSS342 pump
  • 12.1 FMU
  • 3.23 welded diff
  • T.I. Performance Stage 3 J3 Chip with boost mapped tune

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Standard

Power: TBA

Comments: This car was originally going to be a tuff N/A skid car but it was very poor at doing a skid. So over a few drinks a mate and I decided to turbo it, and now its just getting out of hand! It just needs a cooler hooked up and its off to the dyno to get checked out then it’s off to her first comp!

We also called the car PSINAN to match in with PSIPOP.

Thanks Jason for all your help and I can’t wait to start tuning my road car as well.