Bevans EF Fairmont Ghia Turbo Engine Bay

Vehicle: EF Fairmont

Year: 1996


  • Holset HX35 Turbo
  • Self-made manifold, dump and exhaust
  • Walbro GSS342 pump
  • 42lb injectors
  • T.I. Performance  J3 and Programmer Pack DIY Tuned

Transmission: Automatic

Camshaft: Standard

Power: 245rwkw @ 8psi

Comments: Car is a White 1996 EF Fairmont Ghia which had the XR6 engine. 1st build had a schwitzer S2 turbo, 42lb injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump, I made the exhaust manifold all exhaust and intake piping and came out with 223rwkw at 7psi, 13.7 sec 1/4.

Picked up an HX35 turbo and fitted onto manifold and made 245rwkw at 8 psi

Having auxillary drive fail on track I have slowly built up an AU engine with spool rods, BA turbo pistons, custom intake manifold and a couple of other tweaks, hoping to have it done by end of January 2014.  I’m hoping for around 260-270rwkw with EF ecu, then once used to the power again fitting an AU ecu for 15psi of fun.  There are some clips of it on the track and at the drags on the T.I. Performance YouTube page.  Hope to keep you guys informed with progress.